Sri Selangor residents have to wait a long time to use the elevators of the low-cost flats because of the faulty buttons in them. PIC BY SYARAFIQ ABD SAMAD

A WOMAN who has hemiparisis, or weakness on one side of the body, is forced to use the stairs at Sri Selangor low-cost flats in Pudu due to inaccessible elevators.

Louisa said the elevators could be used only for those living above the seventh floor.

“Those living below the seventh floor cannot use the elevators because the elevator buttons are damaged from
the ground floor to the sixth floor.

“Half of my body is paralysed. It takes me almost half an hour to walk up the stairs to my unit, and I almost fell down the stairs more than once.

“The elevators have been in this condition for more than two months and it’s astonishing to think that the management hasn’t done anything about it.”

Louisa said she had lodged a complaint with the management during Christmas.

Checks showed that some residents patiently waited for the elevator to stop at the ground level for them to go up to their units.

A resident, who wished to be known only as Malar, waited for 45 minutes for the elevators to arrive.

“I live on the fifth floor and it’s all right when I walk down. But, I am worn out after work and have no energy to walk up the stairs.

“The elevators are fine. They can be used.

“But the push buttons are not working, so how are we supposed to go up to our units?”


A Kuala Lumpur City Hall spokesman said: “We have been made aware of the problem faced by residents.

“Officers from the Housing Management and Community Development Department have visited the flats to investigate the problem. We are now repairing the elevators.

“DBKL understands the inconvenience caused to residents due to the faulty buttons. However, we hope that residents can be patient as we are repairing them.”

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