Even the locks are missing on the cubicle doors in the toilet of the Jalan SS 21/12 community hall in Petaling Jaya. PIC BY ROSMAN SHAMSUDIN

THE lack of maintenance in Petaling Jaya’s Jalan SS 21/12 community hall public toilet has forced the public to “hold it in” whenever they need to answer the call of nature.

Resident Shashidharan N. Subramaniam said there was no water to flush the men’s urinals and the locks on the cubicle doors were missing.

“It is an uneasy feeling to do your business in such a toilet.

“There is no water to flush although taps are functioning well. There is also no hand soap in the toilet.

“Even the door locks of the cubicles are missing.

“How can a community hall have such a toilet environment?

“The authorities concerned should do something about it.”



Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will conduct checks on the public toilet.

Its spokesman said if the public toilet was under the city council’s jurisdiction, it would conduct maintenance soon.

However, he said, if it was not under MBPJ, the complaint would be directed to the relevant departments.

“We will repair the toilet if it’s under our council.

“If it is not, then we will have to send the report to other departments to check on it.”

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