Motorists must avoid the stray dogs around Saujana Impian, in Kajang. PIC BY ZULFADHLI ZULKIFLI

STRAY dogs in Jalan Prima Saujana, Saujana Impian, Kajang, are worrying the public.

A resident, who wants to be known as Lisa, said the dogs had been lingering in the area for some time.

“I have lodged a report with the local council and it did take action.

“But, a few months later, the strays came back,” she said.

Lisa hopes an animal shelter will rescue the stray dogs.

“There are about 20 of them and they usually sleep in the middle of the road.

“It is sometimes inconvenient for motorists as the dogs do not move when honked at.

“They do not harm the public but they cause a problem for road users,” she said, adding that some motorists would drive slow to avoid hitting the dogs.

Motorist, Afif Adnan, 27, said he once saw a puppy hit by a lorry when it lingered around the area.

“I felt sorry for the puppy. If only there was a proper shelter for these animals,” he said.


A Kajang Municipal Council (MBKJ) spokesman said, as of last year, the council had trapped 29 stray dogs around Jalan Prima Saujana in the Saujana Impian area.

The spokesman said MBKJ would continue to trap the strays.

“We have been receiving several complaints on this matter and we will send our enforcement officers to trap the strays.

“Then, we will put them in cages at the council,” said the spokesman.

Meanwhile, a Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (Mira) spokesman said it hoped the public would adopt these strays or, they could neuter and release the dogs.

“There would be killing involved if the authority catches the stray dogs.

“We advise the residents to trap the strays, neuter and release these dogs at the park.

“It will help lessen the cruelty against these innocent animals,” said the spokesman.

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