The remnants of a motorcycle left at Telekom’s MDF room at Pudu Impian flats, Kuala Lumpur. PIC COURTESY OF READER

RESIDENTS of a low-cost block of flats in Pudu Ulu, in Kuala Lumpur, are worried after discovering a motorcycle parked in the Telekom’s MDF (main distribution frame) room on the ground floor of the building.

A resident, identified only as Loh, said the room’s locks had been broken many times.

  “This is the second time we’ve found a motorcycle in the room.”

  He believed it was most likely stolen and taken to the room to be dismantled. 

  “I am not sure if those responsible are also staying here but, looking at the recurrence, the likelihood is high. How else would they know about the telecommunication cable room? 

  “Every time the lock on the door is replaced, the room is broken into. And, only the parts of the motorcycle are take as the main frame of the machine is left behind.”

He said there were more than five abandoned motorcycles at the flats’ parking area and feared the MDF room would also become a drug den. 

He urged the authorities to look into the matter and the police to increase their patrols of the area. 



Cheras district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Ghani Mohamad said he was aware of the problem and action had been taken by increasing patrols in the area since the beginning of the month. 

Assuring that policemen would be assigned to check on the resident’s claims immediately, he added: “We are going to set up a special task force within the district police  who will observe problems such as drug addicts, break-ins and thefts.

“The team will also work with residents’ associations on community policing to keep their neighbourhood safe.”

  Ghani said the task force, which was expected to be launched soon, would cover three crime-prone areas, namely Taman Maluri, Pudu Ulu and Damai Bakti. “The crime prevention and community policing task force will have 12 men.”

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