This signpost in Jalan Dua, Arau town, could topple over and hurt passersby.

A RESIDENT of Arau, Perlis, is urging the Kangar Municipal Council to repair a tilting signpost in Jalan Dua, Arau town.

Kamaruddin Hassan is concerned that it could be hazardous to the public. 

“Besides safety concerns, the Kangar Municipal Council (MPK) should also repair the signpost immediately as it does not give a good or  professional impression of the council when such negligence is on display.”


MPK president Khairin Nazry Karim said the council would repair the signpost immediately. “This is the first time this kind of incident has happened. 

“MPK strives to ensure that action is taken promptly for every complaint from the public.”

He said MPK was grateful to members of the public who took the trouble to inform it about such problems.

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