(File pix) Jalan Sungai Udang in Klang is littered with rubbish.

JALAN Sungai Udang in Klang, Selangor, is littered with rubbish.

Joanne Tan, who lives nearby, said people were turning the street into a dumping ground.

“Plastic bags filled with rubbish are left in the street. It’s as if people don’t understand the use of rubbish bins.

 “It’s not residents who are dirtying the street. It’s the shop owners who are doing this.”

Tan said she had seen shop owners dumping rubbish near flower pots.

“The local council has provided bins for them to dispose of their garbage.

“I can’t understand why they throw their waste materials in front of their shops, next to the main road, instead of into rubbish bins.


The Klang Municipal Council has sent a team from its Waste Management Department to clean up the street.

However, a spokesman said, the problem would never be solved if the people did not cooperate with the council. 

“Through 2017 and into this year, we have organised many campaigns to urge people to be responsible in disposing of their rubbish.

“We will always clean up the streets, but we need people to change their mindset and dispose of their garbage in bins.”

She added that the council hoped residents would not tarnish Klang’s image.

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