The writing on the stairs and its railings leading to Gunung Datuk, in Negri Sembilan.

THE path to the summit of Gunung Datuk, in Rembau, Negri Sembilan, has become an eyesore, no thanks to vandalism by irresponsible visitors.

A frequent trekker, Nurhana Salim, 30, said the newly-built stairs at the popular hiking spot even sported writings.

 “It is shocking to see the state of the relatively new stairs.

Nothing is spared by the vandals on Gunung Datuk. PIX BY KHAIRUL NAJIB ASARULAH KHAN.

“I hope the local authorities will do something about this before the situation worsens, as this place is popular even with international tourists.”


State Forestry Department director Salim Aman said checks on the area had revealed that the stairs had been vandalised.

 “We regret this irresponsible act.

“The stairs were installed in November last year, at a cost of RM70,000, to provide more safety to the public.

“Traces of vandalism can also be found on rocks on the top of Gunung Datuk.”

Salim said the department would increase surveillance and enforcement in the area to nab the vandals.

He said the department would also upgrade the counter and the route to Gunung Datuk, which was expected to cost RM150,000.

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