Residents are urging the Petaling Jaya City Council to deal with food stall operators dumping their rubbish by the roadside.

PETALING Jaya residents are urging the authorities to have a better system to stop food stall operators from dumping rubbish.

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has been urged to be more proactive and stern in dealing with such issues, which have led to problems that could be detrimental to people’s health.

Night markets and commercial areas are littered with rubbish, a situation that can be deterred with patrols, enforcement of laws and warnings to educate culprits, said residents.

Near the Selera Malam SS2 food court, piles of rubbish are dumped by the roadside and near drains after the stalls close.

Resident Nurul Jihan Hamid, 42, said this has attracted stray dogs, crows and pigeons.

She said stall operators needed to be disciplined or educated to dispose of their rubbish properly, and not leave it for the authorities to clean up the mess.

“It’s not just about penalising people, but they should also be taught or educated about the consequences, too.

“It’s easy to catch people littering or dumping bags of rubbish by the roadside, drains or five-foot ways at any time of the day. It’s a shame that some Malaysian have no sense of responsibility.

“The RM250 compound is good enough, but there should be more enforcement to discipline those who throw rubbish.”

In Kelana Jaya, rubbish was found dumped at a pedestrian walkway next to a bus stand near a medical centre in Jalan SS 7/2.

Checks revealed the rubbish was dumped by food stall operators at an open car park in front of the medical centre in the evening.

They did this despite there being a rubbish disposal area in the vicinity.

Khairul Rejab, 36, said the foul smell was unbearable for those who waited at a bus stand 20m away from where the rubbish was dumped.

“There are rubbish bins in the disposal area. I don’t understand why they take the easy way out.

“I have seen rats scavenging for food among the rubbish.

“I am sure they have their nest nearby, which shows that the illegal dumping has been going on for some time.

“I live at an apartment nearby and I don’t want to see this situation continue.

“It’s not a pretty sight and something needs to be done.”

Khairul said the local
council should conduct more patrols.


ACTIONLINE: MBPJ corporate communications deputy director Abdul Hakim Khairuddin said littering and illegal rubbish dumping were a never-ending concern.

Admitting there was a need to educate people about cleanliness for a more lasting solution, Hakim said the council would look into the suggestions on making its patrols more effective.

He said the council would take a closer look at areas where food stall operators dumped their rubbish and look for a lasting solution to the problem.

“The council always ensures that there are dumpsters at every night market.

“Most of the time, those who run food stalls illegally are the ones dumping their garbage illegally.”


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