Water leaking from a pipe on a bridge in Tasik Shah Alam.

VISITORS to Tasik Shah Alam are seeking an explanation from the authorities over a “mysterious” pipe leakage in the public park.  

They said water was leaking from one of the pipes on a bridge at Persiaran Tasik in Jalan Indah, Section 14, near Laman Budaya.

A visitor, Ikram Madh, feared the water could be from a contaminated source such as sewage.  

“We are concerned about the source of the leakage.

“The water could drip on joggers passing under bridge. It is not safe. I hope the authorities will act fast.”


A Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) spokesman said the source of the leakage was being investigated.

 “We are working with the relevant agencies and authorities to find the source.

 “Our team will check the pipe chambers to detect the cause of the leakage.”

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