Residents are concerned about the uneven pavement between Jalan Mendapan 8/21 and Jalan Liku 8/1 in Shah Alam. PIC COURTESY OF READER

A stretch of a walkway in Jalan Mendapan, Shah Alam, became hazardous after it was not properly repaired by contractors doing underground cable repair works.

For over two months, pedestrians have had to walk carefully in Persiaran Kayangan, located between Jalan Mendapan 8/21 and Jalan Liku 8/1.

Ismail Mat, who lives in the area, said the pavement was unevenly patched up by the contractors and unsafe for pedestrians.

 “We were informed that the contractors did underground cable repair works, but they did not patch up the pavement properly after finishing their job.

“It is an inconvenience to pedestrians and joggers.”

He urged the authorities to look into the problem and get the contractors to repair the pavement.


A Shah Alam City Council spokesman confirmed that underground repair pipe works were being carried out in Jalan Mendapan.

“We have alerted the agency overseeing the underground works and we were informed that works are ongoing.”

Some stretches were temporarily patched up as work was not finished in those areas, he said.

 “The council is monitoring the situation, so the uneven pavement will be patched up as soon as possible.”

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