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SK Rembang Panas senior assistant for student affairs Jumang Adha Zahari showing the damaged school fence. PIC BY AMRAN YAHYA

WILD monkeys from a nearby forest are giving the management of SK Rembang Panas in Juasseh, Kuala Pilah, a hard time.

The school’s senior assistant for student affairs, Jumang Adha Zahari, said the monkeys had been entering the school compound and destroying equipment. Even vegetables and fruits planted in the school area were not spared.

“This has been going on for two years. The school’s closed-circuit television cameras, signboards, telephone cables and learning material were damaged.

“Even the school’s hall is filled with monkey stool. We have to clean the hall every day.”

Jumang said the newly-replaced school fence was also ruined, causing losses amounting to thousands of ringgit.

He said a report had been lodged with the state’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan).


A Perhilitan spokesman said it had installed a cage near the school to trap the monkeys.

“Fifty-two monkeys have been caught. For the time being, the cage will remain there as the first step to resolve the problems.

“The monkeys have been handed to Perhilitan,” he said.

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