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Rubbish strewn on Pantai Senok in Bachok. Pic by Fakhrul Abid Mohamed Saifuddin

RESIDENTS of Pantai Senok in Bachok, Kelantan, are seeing red over rubbish strewn on the beach.

They claim that visitors have turned the pristine beach into a garbage dump.

Siti Norismalissa Che Ismail, 30, a housewife, said the litter may cause diseases to spread.

She said visitors had a lackadaisical attitude as they knew that others, like volunteer bodies, would clean up the mess. She hoped the Bachok district council would place more rubbish bins at strategic locations in the area.


Bachok district officer Nik Mohamad Noor Nik Ishak said he was surprised to learn about the matter.

“There are rubbish bins placed in the area but most probably they are not used.

The lack of civic-mindedness among visitors could leave the stretch of beach filled with litter and garbage.”

Noor said he would look
into the complaint and take action.

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