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The bus stand in Jalan Masjid Negeri, George Town, is located on higher ground, making it disabled-unfriendly. NSTP/DANIAL SAAD

A BUS stand is a place where people take shelter while waiting for their ride.

However, some bus stands do not cater to everyone, like the one in Jalan Masjid Negeri, George Town.

It is located on higher ground, making it difficult for the disabled, especially those in a wheelchair, to access it.

Checks revealed that the drainage covers and road dividers are damaged, making it more difficult for disabled commuters to take a bus from there.

If a person in a wheelchair were to take the bus, one must assist him by lifting the wheelchair from the bus stand to the ground before he can board the bus.

Even worse, the bus stand is poorly maintained even though it is located in one of the main bus routes to the city centre.

A foul odour is also evident when one walks past it.

“This is difficult even for the elderly people.

They will have a hard time walking from the bus stand to take the bus,” said a member of the public, who declined to be named when met near the bus stand recently.

“Penang is a tourist destination and there is no reason why bus stands are poorly maintained.

I hope this bus stand can be reconstructed to make it disabled-friendly.”


A spokesman for the Penang Island City Council said they would look into the matter.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We give the assurance that the people’s comfort is our priority.

“We will address this matter quickly so that everyone can use the facility.”

Those with complaints can forward them to

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