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The polluted lake at Taman Indera Sempurna Fasa 3A in Kuantan. PIC BY MUHD ASYRAF SAWAL
The polluted lake at Taman Indera Sempurna Fasa 3A in Kuantan. PIC BY MUHD ASYRAF SAWAL

KUANTAN: A RECREATIONAL lake at ​​Taman Indera Sempurna Fasa 3A in Kuantan has not been maintained for more than six years, according to residents.

Checks by the New Straits Times Press team showed the water in the lake, located about 5m from a residential area, was stagnant and the lake was surrounded by overgrown grass.

Residents nearby were concerned about the stagnant water as they claimed it attracted monitor lizards, snakes and Aedes mosquitoes.

Musahrudin Mokhtar, 45, claimed that the Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT) management committee of Taman Indera Sempurna 3A was responsible for the upkeep of the lake, but nothing had been done for the last six years.

He said residents had complained several times to the authorities, adding that the lake should be cleaned up at least once every six months.

“The stagnant lake is a perfect breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes. There were a couple of dengue cases in this area too. Monitor lizards and snakes also thrive in the lake, posing a danger to residents.”

Musahrudin said a cobra entered a resident’s house recently. The owner engaged the Fire and Rescue Department personnel to catch the reptile.

Another resident, who wanted to be known only as Siti, 45, said since the KRT management committee collected maintenance fees, it should ensure the cleanliness of the lake.

“Do we have to wait for an incident to happen before the authorities take action?

“I hope the authorities and the KRT management committee take swift action as we do not want residents to be infected by the dengue virus or bitten by snakes.”

Another resident, who wants to be known only as Mohamad, 52, said the lake overflowed whenever it rained continuously for a few days.

This, he said, made the 100-odd residents there worried as they feared their homes might get flooded.

“We have requested the KRT management commitee to take action, but our plea has been ignored,” he said, adding that other lakes in the vicinity were well-maintained because they were frequented by anglers.


Taman Indera Sempurna 3A KRT chairman Ahmad Yatim Man, 50, said while he acknowledged the residents’ concerns, it was unfair to blame the KRT management committee for the poor upkeep of the lake.

He said he, along with the committee members, had raised the matter several times with the Kuantan District and Land Office and the Kuantan Municipal Council.

“I have urged them to clean up the lake but due to bureaucratic red tape, action has been delayed.

“So I decided to apply for a Temporary Occupation Licence from the Kuantan District and Land Office to enable the residents to use their own funds to clean up the lake.”

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