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People crossing the road instead of using the footbridge in front of Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh. NSTP/ABDULLAH YUSOF

PEDESTRIANS and road users are worried about their safety after a crack appeared in a footbridge in front of Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh.

Afifah Yaakob, 35, said the authorities needed to quickly repair the bridge.

“I use this road to go work every day, so I’m scared the bridge will collapse because the structure looks unstable.”

It is learnt that the crack on the pier happened in December when sewerage construction machinery hit the bridge.

Sulaiman Othman, 56, said since the bridge was unstable, pedestrians had to cross the road as they were worried the bridge might collapse.

“My eyesight is not good. I go to the hospital alone and have to cross the road by myself.

“I urge the authorities to quickly repair it to prevent accidents from happening.”


Perak Housing, Local Government, Public Transport, Non-Islamic Affairs and New Villages Committee chairman Paul Yong said work to repair the crack is expected to be completed by March 15.

“The work will be done by the contractor of the sewerage project whose machinery hit the beam and caused the crack.

“The repairs will be done at night.”

He gave his assurance that the bridge is safe and no structural defect had been detected.

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