#TECH: A high-tech toothbrush

NEST Care Inc, an oral hygiene-oriented professional company, has announced the launch of its new manual toothbrush — the Nest Brush — a self-dispensing and refillable toothbrush with UV-C sterilisation technology.

The Nest Brush team took everything one step further with its award-winning ergonomic design.

This innovative oral care set, introduced on Kickstarter on Aug 17, includes a silicon toothbrush with a special compartment for toothpaste, a travel case, a magnetic homestand, and a UV-C sterilisation module that can be easily attached to the travel case or magnetic stand.

The two powerful UV-C LED lights sterilise the brush in less than one minute, ensuring a germ-free brushing experience for up to two months on a single charge.

"The idea was to create a sterile ecosystem of compatible devices for daily dental care.

"And with Nest Brush, we not only solve the hygiene challenge, but also significantly increase its protection, convenience, and aesthetics," said Nest Care Inc founder Kirill Nesterov.

The innovative toothpaste self-dispensing mechanism and smooth ergonomic design have already brought in two awards — The iF Design Award 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021 — for the Nest Brush team.

The toothpaste is delivered through internal channels into the brush head each time the button is touched.

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