Tried & tested: Clean deodorants

THE past year and a half has given me new appreciation of hair and body care items. A hair mask before its normal wash makes my head considerably lighter, just like a body scrub before an evening shower helps me achieve a better slumber.

I have also enjoyed using premium, cleaner deodorants as opposed to Mennen's Women's Speedstik that I have used for decades.

During the pandemic and while staying at home, I realised that what I have been using was too harsh and too much on my skin. I didn't venture out much, so strong anti-perspirant just didn't do it for me.

I wanted something that coats my underarm with a formulation to control odour, while making me feel like I didn't use anything. Clean deodorants, I found out, do just that.

Body care label Malin + Goetz has bergamot deodorant (RM115) that's developed with the same clean standards of its bestselling eucalyptus deodorant — there are no aluminium, alcohol or parabens. Instead, it's synthesised with innovative deodorising technology.

The opaque stick offers effective protection from body odour, and while it's slightly sticky upon application, it dries off in a matter of seconds. It glides on smoothly without leaving any residue or stains, and has a fresh scent, like that of Earl Grey tea.

I wasn't convinced with its performance for the first few days as I felt that my underarms were sticky when I sweat, and there was still bad odour but after three days, I was a convert.

It was as if I didn't apply anything and even after I headed out for a short run, there was no unpleasant smell.

The brand says probiotic enzymes help neutralise odour while corn starch absorbs excess moisture. An invigorating botanical blend of bergamot, cedar, eucalyptus, lime, peppermint, lemongrass and pine extracts offers a soothing and uplifting sensory experience.

Grown Alchemist's Roll-On Deodorant (RM99) is an aluminium-free formulation containing advanced natural anti-bacterial actives that eliminate undesirable odour, ensuring optimum microbial balance.

In liquid with roll-on dispenser, the brand says Icelandic moss extract provides odour-neutralising benefits and soothes irritated skin. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial molecules.

I find that this doesn't dry fast enough, so I need to wait for a few minutes before I get dressed. The scent is great, though, like a hard, citrus candy. It emanates a botanical smell as it dries, like the scent of a botanical hand wash.

The product also contains sage complex that eliminates unwanted body odour while working as an anti-irritant agent, soothing and softening skin. This one feels very kind to skin, with no trace of irritation.

There are coumarins and triglycerides from tamanu seed oil that deliver anti-inflammatory benefits and anti-bacterial properties to ensure optimum microbial skin balance. The packaging is glass, however, so it's slightly heavy.

If you sweat heavily, Jack Black's Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant (RM66) might be up your alley. One warning though — it still stains your clothing, especially if you wear a dark-coloured top — despite the brand's no-stain claim.

This one keeps your armpit dry, even when you sweat profusely. This dual-purpose, invisible solid stick offers superior protection in a gentle yet effective formula that won't irritate skin.

It uses advanced anti-perspirant ingredients to help reduce underarm wetness and odour while controlling excess sweat.

Vitamin E nourishes and conditions the skin and the hypoallergenic formula is suitable for sensitive skin and provides superior control against odour and wetness.

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