#Showbiz: Namewee's music video starring AV idol Yua Mikami surpasses 3 million views

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor-singer Namewee's I Shot You music video with AV star Yua Mikami has exceeded three million views in just two days.

Entertainment portal AsiaOne reported today that the Nasi Lemak 2.0 star's new duet with Mikami shot through the roof with 3.2 million views.

I Shot You (Mandarin title Bu Xiao Xin) premiered on the controversial artiste's YouTube channel last Saturday and hit one million views in only 11 hours.

Namewee, 37, published the song with a brief comment, "This is definitely a romantic love song. Trust me, if you have a clean and pure mind."

The Muar-born artiste, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, has 2.51 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Namewee started his channel in 2006 while pursuing a mass communications degree at Ming Chuan University in Taoyuan, Taiwan. He set up the channel to back-up his songs and homework.

Mikami, 26, whose real name is Momona Kito, has appeared in more than 100 adult films and won several best actress awards.

The Nagoya-born singer-actress has also been part of several Japanese girl groups including SKE48 (2009) and Ebisu Muscats (2015), as well as the K-Pop group Honey Popcorn (2018).

The music video for I Shot You

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