#Showbiz: 'Ebit Lew has my vote for future PM' - Diana Danielle

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer-actress Diana Danielle is a fan of celebrity preacher, businessman and philanthropist Ebit Lew, and admires him for his selfless service to needy Malaysians.

In fact, if Malaysians directly elected their Prime Minister, the 36-year-old ustaz from Muadzam Shah in Rompin, Pahang would be Diana's first choice.

In a tweet on Sunday, Diana said: "If people ask me who will I vote for as Prime Minister, my answer is Ebit Lew. He is kind, generous, compassionate and efficient, a leader in the true sense."

Many Netizens agreed with Diana, and her tweet received 18,000 likes and 12,000 retweets.

A Netizen identified only as Ana said: "I'm all for Ustaz Ebit Lew too. He is not bothered what they say about him, and all he cares for is helping needy Malaysians and promoting the spirit of Bangsa Malaysia."

Another Netizen, Rozi said: "Yes, it's time we chose new faces who are not from political parties. Ustaz Ebit Lew is truly a people-oriented person."

However, there were also Netizens who felt that Ebit was not cut out for politics and felt that he should remain focused on humanitarian work and social activism.

Azman said: "I don't think Ebit Lew is suited for a political role. The world of politics is rough and unkind, and he is too straightforward for it. It is best that he stays a preacher, activist and humanitarian."

Actor Qi Razali agreed. He said: "Ebit Lew is more of a humanitarian activist than a politician. The world of politics is not for gentlemen like him. What he's doing now is good enough."

Ebit who is the third of 12 siblings, has more than 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

Born Lew Yun Pau, he embraced Islam when he was 12 and upon completing secondary school, he worked as a trainer and motivator for various private and government-linked companies.

Ebit appears in radio and television programmes and set up his own YouTube channel which has 875,000 subscribers in 2018.

He has also authored nine books, and owns a boutique, supermarket and restaurant.

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