#Showbiz: Caprice apologises for questioning Ebit Lew's Gaza mission

KUALA LUMPUR: Hip-hop singer Ariz Ramli or Caprice has apologised to Malaysians for his recent controversial statement against religious preacher Ebit Lew's mission to Palestine.

The 32-year-old artiste who recently headed to the Palestinian city of Gaza on a similar humanitarian mission but was unable to enter Palestine, made an apology via Instagram to "Malaysian leaders and the rakyat" today, and added that he made a mistake which he deeply regretted.

"I have been too emotional about my struggle to help the Palestinians. What I have said and done was my mistake and did not involve other parties," he said.

"To my parents, I'm sorry for making you worried. I love you and I've always wanted to make you proud since I was 16."

Caprice thanked Senior Minister of Foreign Affairs Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the Malaysian Embassy in Egypt and the Egyptian government for taking good care of him during his stay in Egypt.

He also thanked Baling Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim for recruiting him into the Humanitarian Mission 4 Palestine (HM4P).

"To all HM4P and Malaysian Medical Relief Society (Mercy Malaysia) members, as well as the Egyptian media, thank you so much for taking good care of me for the last 30 days."

Caprice said that he would return to Malaysia after resolving some technical issues and fulfilling his obligation to help the Palestinians.

Last week, Caprice indirectly criticised Ebit, and claimed that Gaza residents were unhappy with the way he dished out aid to them.

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