#Showbiz: Neelofa upset being dragged into Caprice-Ebit Lew feud

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular TV host Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor is upset to find her name dragged into the intensified feud between philanthropist and preacher Ebit Lew and rapper Caprice a.k.a. Ariz Ramli.

During a live session on Ebit's Instagram today, the 32-year-old entrepreneur who never had qualms in setting the record straight said that it was not right for either party to include her name, her husband PU Riz and her mother Datin Noor Kartini Noor Mohamed in their controversy.

In the comments section, Neelofa wrote: "This is not right. I will contact Caprice and ask why he linked the names of people who are not involved.

"My mother has nothing to do with all the issues happening between you and Caprice. I ask you not to associate us with these groundless allegations."

Ebit then responded to Lofa's comments, saying that he was only conveying what he knew about the case.

Ebit said that he was accused of taking a document which had originally consisted his name, Neelofa's and PU Riz's for the mission.

"He (Caprice) said he was informed by Neelofa's mother about it. But in actual fact, I did not have the document. I had gone through the proper channel (to be part of the mission)."

The drama between the two started after Caprice posted a screenshot of a conversation on his IG-Story claiming that Ebit took away the humanitarian mission proposal to Gaza, which was done by Neelofa and PU Riz and another activist Heliza Helmi.

Following various untrue allegations made against Ebit, the preacher lodged a report at the Dang Wangi police station yesterday.

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