#Showbiz: Adibah Noor's banned 'Fundamentally Happy' film now available on Mubi

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer-actress Adibah Noor's controversial but educational film Fundamentally Happy can now be viewed by Malaysians, to her delight.

In a recent Instagram post, Adibah said she was happy to hear that the film made in Singapore six years ago was currently available on video streaming service Mubi.

She said: "Finally you can watch this film which we made in Singapore in 2015 on Mubi. Yaay!"

The film which highlights the issue of paedophilia amongst seemingly pious men, was banned by the Censorship Board in 2016 because of its sensitive content.

It tells the story of old friends Habiba (Adibah) and Eric (Joshua Lim) who are reunited after 20 years.

Habiba is married to a religious teacher and appears to be happy with her family life.

However, Eric soon learns that Habiba's husband is the prime suspect in some cases of sexual harassment of students, and intends to bring him to justice.

This sours his relationship with Habiba, who stands by her husband.

Fundamentally Happy was directed by Lei Yuan Bin and Tan Bee Thiam. It is based on a play of the same name which won Best Production and Best Original Script at Singapore's Life Theatre Awards 2007.

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