#Showbiz: Fazley Yaakob husband-hunting for mum

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and celebrity chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob is on the lookout for a suitable husband for his widowed mother.

The 43-year-old artiste took to Instagram recently to express his intention of finding the right man and even listed a set of criteria for possible suitors.

In a lengthy post accompanied by pictures of himself with his mother, Datin Umi Kalsom Abdol Latib, he said: "I'm looking for a jodoh for my mother."  

Part of it read: "This is my own effort for my beloved mother. I'm on the lookout for an individual who is willing to be her soul mate."

"If there are any who meet these criteria, I ask to DM me for a screening first," he wrote.

Some of the criteria he listed were a person who is not anyone else's husband, about 60 to 70 years of age, loving and patient, likes to eat and honest in finding happiness.

He confessed that the last time he did something like this was for his youngest sister.

"Praise be to God, she has already been through a merisik session with her future husband," he said.

The Impian Yang Nyata singer ended his post with: "This is my mission. Please pray that I succeed."

He added: "Mother, don't be mad at me, ok? I'm doing this for your happiness. I love you very, very much!"

In a news report, Fazley said that his mother had already given him permission beforehand to create the post, which had garnered close to 19,000 likes so far.

"My late father has been gone for five years and I want my mother to have a partner who can spend time together with her and talk about things.

"Before I posted my entry I had asked her about it and whether she would agree to it. When she said alright, then I posted it.

"My mother is a shy person anyway. She asked me if I was really going to do this, so I told her don't worry, let me handle it," he said.

Fazley added that at the end of the day, he would be agreeable with a modest and god-fearing man who was compatible with his mother.

"So I ask for resumes to be sent to me. So far I've received 30 from interested parties.

"Later, I myself will head over to the homes of these uncles to meet with them in person," he said.

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