#Showbiz: A slimmer, trimmer Adibah Noor wows netizens

KUALA LUMPUR: Versatile artiste Adibah Noor Mohd Omar, 52, is "turning heads" of fans around cyberspace with her slim and trim new look.

In an Instagram post which she uploaded yesterday, the singer, actress and television host "treated" Netizens to her latest photo, at a seminar somewhere in town where she served as the master of ceremonies.

The star of Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin admitted that she had gone on a special diet over the last two months and successfully "shed the kilograms".

However, Adibah did not reveal her how many kilograms she lost.

"It's time that I shed the kilos, as age is catching up and it's better to stay healthier," said Adibah in her Instagram post.

"I cut down the portions of food on my plate. It was difficult at first but now I have got used to it."

Adibah also said that she took morning or evening walks around her housing estate to keep fit and strong.

"Sugary foods and drinks are things that I've learnt to avoid, too. In addition, I cut down on processed food."

Netizens, including fellow artistes, praised Adibah for taking care of her health.

"Wow cantik, hebat!" said singer and actress Ani Maiyuni.

"Slim and trim. So beautiful!" said actress Fazlina Ahmad Daud.

"You look great, kakak!" said singer Suki Low who participated in reality show Gegar Vaganza 8 with Adibah last year.

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