#Showbiz: Syamsul Yusof to complete Pasir Salak film with RM20mil budget?

KUALA LUMPUR: Mat Kilau director Syamsul Yusof may be taking on a film project titled Pasir Salak: King Of The River that the late Tan Sri Jins Shamsuddin did not complete.

The 38-year-old filmmaker said that he had already met with Jins' family to discuss on the matter.

Pasir Salak is a riverside area in Perak known historically for the rise of the Malays such as Datuk Maharaja Lela against British colonialists.

"We are still in the discussion process. I want to produce a film of improved quality that will challenge my creativity as a director and writer," he said in a news report yesterday.

Syamsul added that he could take over the project since many aspects including the script and research had already been carried out.

"When there was a request for me to continue on with this project I thought, why not? It's got the right intention and the late Tan Sri Jins had already conducted the research.

"The original script and props like weapons are already available, just that the filming needs to be continued," he said.

Syamsul explained that a bigger budget would be required to realise the epic scale of the film.

"I believe that audiences would also want a film like this to be made with a much better quality.

"I've done my research and in order to reach a standard like that of a South Korean production, if you asked me, I would say it requires a budget of RM20 million.

"I could do it even if the government were to give me RM10 million but it would be a pity if the project was not done in the best way possible.

"Mat Kilau is not bad but it only gives a more decent quality of film. Just imagine if it had a bigger budget, it would have been so much better," he said.

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