#Showbiz: C-Dramas ban artistes who undergo plastic surgery

KUALA LUMPUR: More restrictive guidelines on Chinese dramas or C-Dramas will soon be introduced, and one of them is a ban on artistes who underwent plastic surgery.

Hong Kong entertainment portal Jaynestars reported yesterday that the Chinese government would introduce five new guidelines which all actors, actresses and singers have to obey strictly.

The guidelines strictly prohibit romantic themes in military dramas, prohibit artistes from using English names on their identification papers and make sure that costumes for periodic dramas are historically accurate.

In addition, artistes' tax declarations and their registered companies will be closely supervised by the government and artistes who underwent plastic surgery would not be given starring roles.

Jaynestars listed five artistes who might be "hit hard" by the new guidelines, namely actresses Angela Yeung Wing or Angelababy and Kitty Zhang, singer Ju Jingyi and actors Wang Yibo and Huang Xiaoming, who is Angelababy's former husband.

All of them are believed to have undergone plastic surgery at one time or another, and Netizens often talk about their changed looks on social media, despite Angelababy strongly denying such rumours.

While the restrictions only apply to television for now, the China Film Administration may soon announce similar measures for films, and this is probably the reason behind action hero and producer Donnie Yen's recent move to avoid casting actresses and actors rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery in his films.

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