#Showbiz: Emergency fund for Nad Zainal

KUALA LUMPUR: Friends and fans of actress Nad Zainal have set up an emergency fund to help the 32-year-old artiste who has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since last week.

In a statement released to the media yesterday, the fund is aimed at covering the cost of medical treatments in order to lessen the burden on her family.

It read: "To those concerned about her welfare, let's all work together to help her. Don't forget to say a prayer for Nad Zainal so that she will have a speedy recovery, and don't forget to share this so that more can contribute in aiding her."

Those interested to help out can call Nad's personal aide Echa at +6012-3458623.

Contributions can be done via the CIMB account '8604978484' under the name 'Pertubuhan Kebajikan As Siddiq'. Money transfers have to be accompanied with the reference, 'Nad Zainal'.

It was previously reported that Nad's condition was slowly improving.

According to popular director Shahrulezad Mohameddin, the actress would periodically open her eyes for a short while before falling back to sleep.

"She is getting less dependent on the oxygen machine to breathe properly now. The wounds in her lungs are also healing.

"Her lungs are functioning much better but the doctor doesn't want to push it too hard yet. Some of her medication has also been reduced," he said in a news report on Sunday.

Shahrulezad added: "We're ultimately grateful that Nad's condition is stabilising. Thank Allah for answering our prayers. I hope that we all will keep on praying for her."

The director was also touched by the amount of goodwill and support towards the actress.

"As a representative of Nad's family and friends, I humbly extend my utmost thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes. Only Allah can repay your sincere generosity," he said.

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