#Showbiz: Soo Wincci serves petai pizza during CNY

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer, actress and lecturer Dr Soo Wincci served petai pizza to guests during her Chinese New Year open house recently.

The 38-year-old celebrity said that she prepared the uncommon dish herself for those who visited her during her one-week open house event.

"I'm happy to finally be able to have an open house session after intending to do so for a long time now.

"The past few years I've been busy overseas and then the Covid-19 pandemic happened.

"I also got to have fellowship with members of my fan club Winccist whom I've not seen for the past seven years.

"These included my students as well as close friends where each session was carried out in an intimate setting consisting of only about 15 people," she said in a Harian Metro report yesterday.

Soo added: "I cooked and served everything myself including petai pizza, fruit yeesang and abalone and mushroom soup, as well as many other concoctions featuring my own recipes."

The talented artiste said that she was able to visit her hometown of Ipon to celebrate the festivities this time around with her family.

Incidentally, she also had an invitation to perform over there.

"I had the opportunity to spend time with my family in Ipoh but I had to travel back and forth to Kuala Lumpur.

"This was because I had many commitments to attend to, including invitations to appear on TV shows aside from my lecturing work.

"I hope this year will bring lots of luck and good tidings for me to strengthen my career and solidify my name in whatever field I pursue. This would be after a few years of being in quite a difficult phase," she said.

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