#Showbiz: 'I still love her, let's sit together and talk,' says Syamsul to estranged wife Puteri Sarah

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite being buffeted by a storm of controversy, famous actor and director Syamsul Yusof has reiterated that he still loves his first wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana and is hoping for a more peaceful resolution.

"I still `sayang (love)' her, and I have asked her on many occasions for us to meet and sit down to discuss all of this in private.

"This is a private family matter, and there are many things to discuss. But I still care for her," he said at a press conference today in Wangsa 118, Wangsa Maju.

The 39-year-old award-winning artiste also vehemently denied recent allegations of hitting Puteri Sarah and of not providing his wife with financial support.

"These are all pure fitnah (lies) as I have never struck her. She has not told the truth about me hitting her and not providing `nafkah (financial support)'.

"Maybe she hates me, but it can't be to that extent. She knows that I have never, ever hit her before. Not even once," said Syamsul.

The Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan director added that he had kept mum about things initially despite many accusations his wife had made on social media.

"Others advised me to keep quiet, so I remained calm and patient, but things just got worse, and the accusations, which were lies, became too harsh.

"I finally had to defend myself. But this is not me trying to air my dirty laundry about my wife to all and sundry. This is not a game or a circus. It's a private matter and should be treated as such," he said.

Syamsul added that social media had exacerbated the matter, with many giving their opinions, which only adds to the lies.

"People are quick to judge without knowing both sides of the story. But this (social media) is not where I can air my dirty laundry about others.

"I know I'm not perfect, but I am responsible for guiding my Puteri Sarah and intend to carry it out.

"Don't worry about the children. This is between Puteri Sarah and me. The children are not involved. We will work together on what's best for them.

"I will always take good care of them and provide for them. And I'm not cruel. I'm not the kind of person who will take them away from my wife," he said.

Yesterday, Syamsul applied for 'nusyuz' against Puteri Sarah at the Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court in Selangor.

This was based on his allegations that included Puteri Sarah, having left their home since October 2020, is still in contact with her former lover, reluctant to comply with the notice of nusyuz and had slandered Syamsul by claiming that he hit her and did not provide financial support.

Syamsul tied the knot with Puteri Sarah on March 8, 2014. The couple is blessed with two children, Syaikhul Islam, 6, and Summayah, 4.

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