#Showbiz: Angry netizens give Dr Jason Leong an earful on his Facebook page

KUALA LUMPUR: Comedian Dr Jason Leong Say Keong may be overseas on his Brain Drain World Tour 2023, but once he returns to the federal capital for a two-day show on July 14 and 15, he might not be drawing in the fans as he used to.

A visit to his Facebook page Dr Jason Leong Comedy revealed that Netizens have continued to slam him, including those who admitted being his one-time fans.

Many of them used profanities on Dr Leong, but some of them wrote open letters in which they criticised him for supporting Singaporean-American comedienne Jocelyn Chia's recent insensitive joke about Malaysians.

One of them Fred Eau said: "Dear Dr Jason Leong Say Keong, my partner and I have been consistently supportive of you and your career. You may not recognise us, but we have always been at all your shows, big or small.

"But today, we are immensely disappointed with you as a fellow Malaysian because you expressed your "love" for Jocelyn Chia's distasteful "joke"."

Travis Chang said: "Dr Leong, from your humble beginnings in the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) show to a successful stand-up comedian with two world tours and two Netflix specials, you have had amazing achievements.

"All this wouldn't have happened without the support of your fellow countrymen living at home and abroad.

"Yet your action in supporting a terrible insult from a terrible comedian was indeed disappointing.

"I am puzzled how could a tragedy like MH370 with families whose loved ones went missing and are still waiting for closure could become a laughing matter to you, more so from an educated person like your goodself."

Angie Siew said: "Dear Dr Jason Leong, I hope when you commented that you loved Jocelyn Chia's bit, you only read the title of the TikTok video and did not listen to its content.

"Yes, as comedians you can joke about anything about Malaysia, such as food, poor internet service and the backward thinking of certain people.

"But please leave tragedies such as MH370 alone. People lost their loved ones, please show them respect as they continue to grieve.

"I feel so sad that you have chosen to stand by Jocelyn. I had a good opinion about you until this cropped up."

Dr Leong has faced widespread criticism on social media for expressing his support for Chia's controversial video clip.

Some Netizens have even set up a Cancel Jason Leong movement on Facebook.

Chia, a Singapore-born stand-up comedian, is facing abacklash from Malaysians after she made jokes about the disappearance of MH370 and belittled Malaysia's progress during a recent performance in the United States.

In response to Chia's video clip on Instagram, Dr Leong commented, "I like this bit".

Chia later responded to him and said that people were taking her jokes too seriously.

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