#Showbiz: A dozen artistes participate in Perkeso's 'Membawa Senyuman' Fiesta [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Actresses Rozita Che Wan and Darling Ngasri, actor Ako Mustapha, singers Ayu Damit and Ani Mayuni, and radio announcer Tyzo Xander were among a dozen celebrities who participated in the Social Security Organisation's (Perkeso) three-day Membawa Senyuman campaign.

The campaign which began yesterday is aimed at promoting Perkeso's activities and the need for Malaysians to contribute to the organisation for medical assistance in times of need.

It was officiated by Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad in Cheras here today.

Also present were Perkeso chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed.

The artistes manned their very own stalls that promoted their latest business products such as foodstuffs and fashion.

Rozita also participated in a forum that encouraged Malaysians especially fellow artistes to contribute to Sosco to "help them when times are bad."

Tyzo had his own podcast which attracted 200,000 fans.

He revealed that he would be joining a radio station soon and had just set up his own charitable organisation to help needy artistes and Malaysians in general.

Rozita shared her work experience as an air stewardess, and businesswoman and said that as an employer she always made sure that she contributed to Perkeso for the benefit of her staff.

She also spoke about the need for housewives to contribute to Perkeso as they would be able to receive medical benefits in the event that they became sick or infirm in the future.

"It is always good for everyone to contribute to Perkeso especially artistes and housewives.

"Even though housewives work at home, they can still get Perkeso benefits as long as they register with the organisation," she said.

As for artistes, even though they do not work for a specific employer, they can still contribute to Perkeso and benefit from it whenever the need arises, she said.

Mohammed Azman said over 391 people had contributed to Socso's Self-Employment Social Security Scheme and Housewives' Social Security Scheme to date.

He said all working Malaysians including artistes and housewives could benefit from Perkeso, especially if they became seriously ill or bedridden, so long as they made contributions to the organisation.

"As for those who had previously contributed to Perkeso, but fell ill and became incapacitated, they can still receive medical benefits, but the illness has to be assessed by our doctors' panel to determine if it was work-related."

He also said the festival which will be an annual event was aimed at bringing Sosco closer to the rakyat and having celebrities participate in it would attract many of their fans to contribute to Perkeso.

The festival also featured career guidance, laser therapy, health screening, lucky draws, Zumba and haircuts.

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