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I HAVE to admit that I've never gotten over my childhood fear of dentists.

I take good care of my teeth for one reason — to hear the reassuring "all good" from the teeth doctor during my regular check-up, so I can slip out of that chair as quickly as I can.

But with age comes a host of dental problems that one may never anticipate. Gaps, formed between my teeth now, make it hard and frustrating to clean with a regular toothbrush.

But a good toothbrush is essential for effective cleaning and coupled with the right brushing techniques, it helps keep your pearly whites in good condition for life.

I have always heard my friends heaping praise on their electric toothbrushes.

But I have been hesitant to use one because I feel it's akin to putting a power tool in your mouth... not the kind of early morning experience I want.

However, dentistry cosmetic brand Zenyum has come up with its own version called ZenyumSonic.

Powered by sonic technology, the electric toothbrush is said to offer users a comfortable and sensorial brushing experience.

The toothbrush has a sleek monochromatic design. The handle appears big and bulky, but I find that it's actually easy to grip.

To switch it on or off, one just has to press the "+" button on the handle, and short press that same button to switch to different modes, whether "clean", "gentle" or "white".

I like this aspect of it because it's simple and user-friendly.


The "clean" mode is supposed to be the everyday default. I started with this, but found the vibration too powerful, and this discouraged me from using it.

Honestly, it felt like I had a power drill in my mouth.

But when I switched to "gentle" mode and slowly edged the toothbrush into my mouth, it was far less intimidating and slowly, I got the hang of manoeuvring the brush to reach even the most difficult corners or edges in my mouth.

It felt like I was having a scaling session at the dentist, but in a more pleasant manner and my teeth certainly felt much cleaner compared to conventional brushing.

As I have sensitive teeth, I was worried that the vibrating brush would cause pain. But thankfully, it didn't. In fact, it was an all-round comfortable experience.

The toothbrush is also fully waterproof, which is important given that it's always kept in the bathroom and the battery can last three to four weeks per charge with daily brushing.

Zenyum partnered with its network of regional dentists to develop ZenyumSonic.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the toothbrush is said to give users the best teeth-cleaning experience in less than two minutes.

The brush head is filled with soft DuPont bristles to reach deep between teeth. And at 33,000 vibrations per minute, it is said to have the ability to remove 21 per cent more plaque.

ZenyumSonic is available on the Zenyum website and Zenyum mobile application at RM279, or on Lazada and Shopee.

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