#HEALTH: Managing diabetes

ABBOTT has launched a lifestyle change programme to help Malaysians with diabetes better manage their condition.

The programme provides structure to help build healthy habits like good nutrition, exercise, and continuous glucose monitoring, which are important to help control type 2 diabetes and glucose management.

The population of Malaysians with diabetes is growing. It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults are living with diabetes and there may be many more who are unaware of their diabetic state.

Living with diabetes can be very challenging and affect an individual's quality of life and their loved ones too. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits including good nutrition and exercise, can help people with diabetes handle their condition.

Managing diabetes can be an everyday challenge and cause people to feel overwhelmed and stressed, says Abbott's nutrition business medical director, Dr Nina Mazera Mohd Said.

"While there are multiple factors that people with diabetes have to take into account on a daily basis, nutrition is a key component that can help them take control of their health and make a positive impact on their lives."

Led by a group of trained doctors and dietitians, the four-week lifestyle intervention programme includes diabetes management through intake of a balanced diet and diabetes nutrition supplements, exercise, glucose monitoring and medication.

Participants will also learn how to cope with diabetes burnout and other challenges that derail their commitment to diabetes care.

In addition, they will receive support from like-minded participants who share common goals, challenges and resources to help them better manage their diabetes.

Lifestyle changes and balanced nutrition are pivotal to managing diabetes, but the process of changing any habit, such as physical activity or diet, does not happen overnight, says consultant in primary care and pharmaceutical medicine, Dr Manoharan Paranjothy.

"While pharmacology is a critical aspect of diabetes treatment, without accompanying diabetes medication with lifestyle changes, patients can be on the path of their disease progressing. Making lifestyle changes is just a matter of thinking long-term from the start and making smart choices that will lead to a healthier you."

Visit https://beincontrol.co/to find out more about the programme.

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