#JOM! EAT: Fantastical treats for the tastebuds


Malaysia is known for a deliciously vast array of cuisines across a melting pot of cultures.

From the native Kadazandusun dish to the heartwarming Peranakan dish, these amazing local dishes are a little-unknown to many.

However, the unique flavours of each of these dishes would definitely make you want to revisit the destinations just to come back for more.

Airbnb unveils five must-try local foods, favourites at its very own destination, and you should definitely try it if you have the chance to visit the places.




If you visit Sabah, you should try out a plate of Hinava, a native Kadazandusun dish made of fresh slices of fish, marinated with onion, lime juice, birds-eye chilli, bitter gourd and ginger. It tastes zesty as it sounds, a fresh-caught fish would definitely give it an extra oomph!




Quite famous in Sarawak, Manok Pansoh is a celebratory dish served by the Iban and Bidayuh community during the harvest festival. It is  traditionally prepared by cooking marinated chicken meat in a bamboo stalk filled with water and covered with tapioca leaves.



Typically a Penang Nyonya dish, the Penang Laksa Lemak is the sister to the more popular Assam Laksa - but i t has a richer flavour! Decadent coconut curry broth is generously ladled over a bowl of rice noodles, mackerel and a variety of fruits and vegetables condiments.




An East Coast breakfast staple, Nasi Dagang is quite a famous dish in Malaysia. Originally from Terengganu, nasi dagang offers a slightly glutinous wild rice that has been steamed in coconut milk and fenugreek seeds, topped with fish curry, coconut sambal and pickled vegetables.




This traditional Peranakan dish is easily one of the most time-consuming dishes to create! Made of nuts from the buah keluak, a unique fruit that grows in the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asian countries which has undergone a process of fermentation before being prepared, the dish is mixed with chicken, tamarind gravy and a multitude of aromatic spices. Head to Melaka if you want to try it out.







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