Lovers, magicians and vampires: This weekend's wondrous fare on TV3, ntv7, 8TV and TV9

SOME say fate is out of one’s control and destiny rules. In Takkan Melupakanmu, which airs tomorrow at noon on TV3, the fates of two people, Alia and Yazid, are sealed forever when they meet during an accident.

The duo, who attend the same university, start hanging out together and it is not long before they fall in love. Alia’s world comes crashing down when her father Pak Abu is diagnosed with lung cancer and only has six months to live. Alia’s cousin Azam devotes all his time and energy to care for his uncle.

Pak Abu is impressed with Azam’s warmth and dedication in caring for him, and plans to marry him to Alia. However, they each have their own choices. In order to make Pak Abu happy, they get married anyway. Eventually Azam learns of Alia’s relationship with Yazid and decides to sacrifice their marriage to please Alia.

Directed by Jurey Latiff Rosli, this melodramatic series about desire and love stars Sari Yanti, Shah Jaszle, Dazrin Kamaruddin, Keena Mentor and Khatijah Tan.

Remember to tune in to Aku Kata A, A!, tomorrow at 9pm on TV3. Amin, a factory worker, falls in love with Aida. At work, Amin is always finding excuses to get close to Aida. One day, as Amin fantasises about living together, a jealous Iqbal approaches the former and warns him to stay away from Aida. On the other hand, Amin’s neighbour Mira is secretly in love with him. In order to win him and his parents over, Mira takes the initiative to buy cakes for Amin’s parents. This telemovie stars Azrel Ismail, Zahirah MacWilson, Arash Mohd, Fazlina Ahmad Daud and Azlan Mokhtar.

Tomorrow on ntv7 at midnight is Witches Of East End. The series centres on the mysterious Beauchamp family who live in a secluded part of the coastal town of East End. Free-spirited artist Joanna Beauchamp is the mother of Freya and Ingrid, who are both gifted with magical powers they are unaware of. Freya notices strange occurrences in her life when she finds herself drawn to her fiancè’s troubled brother. When Joanna’s estranged sister appears with a warning that Joanna must reveal who her daughters really are, their small-town life is turned upside down. The series stars Julia Ormond, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Rachel Boston.

Also airing tomorrow at 8.30pm on TV9 is Amsyar. Shahrul seeks the help of Abang Long Azhar to care for his son Amiroul but his request is rejected by the latter. To stop Shahrul from asking again, Azhar comes up with different excuses. To make matters worse, Azhar’s wife Mariah dislikes having small children around the house. The series stars Ben Laden, Redza Rosli, Elly Mazlein, Hairi Safwan and Faralyna Idris.

On Sunday, tune in to Bila Tiba Saatnya at 3pm on TV3. This telemovie starring Nazim Othman, Syazwan Zulkifly, Rusdi Ramli, Faezah Elai and Niena Baharun, tells of two individuals who lead contrasting lifestyles. Rosman is rebellious and refuses to find a proper job to support himself. Instead, he likes to steal whatever catches his eyes, including the donation funds in the mosque. On the other hand, Nazim, who was once a notorious gangster, has turned over a new leaf and is now a responsible dad and husband. While trying to persuade a good friend to leave a karaoke outlet one night, he is attacked by a rival gang.

Also on Sunday, don’t miss Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne at 9pm on ntv7. Born Andrew Harter, the magician, illusionist and filmmaker pranks his audience with his mind-blowing and wildly innovative illusions. He is credited with inventing a style of magic called “shock magic” which combines an up-close street magic style with the impact of large-scale illusions. As the creator of more than 400 magic effects, and the publisher of dozens of books and videos on the art of illusion, Mayne has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and this series demonstrates his liking for leaving unsuspecting men and women in disbelief. The Alabama-native has also worked behind the scenes for some of the world’s top magicians such as David Copperfield, Penn And Teller, and David Blaine.

Get spooked with tales of vampires. In Vampire vs Vampire, which airs on Sunday at 10pm on 8TV, journey with Taoist priest One-Eyebrow as he puts a stop to the vampire attack at a once peaceful village. While finding new water sources one day, the priest encounters a European vampire in the nearby church who is aided by a dead countess. Although the priest manages to get rid of the countess, his Taoist exorcism fails on the European vampire. Starring Lam Ching-Ying, Chin Siu-Ho and Liu Fong.

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