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Family of scammers: Indian hospital confirms no such patient being treated for cancer

KUALA LUMPUR: An Indian hospital where a family of scammers have been claiming their cancer-stricken daughter is being treated in order to collect donations has confirmed that no such patient exists there.

Dr G. Govindraj, the managing director of Harshamitra Oncology Pte Ltd in Thirichy, said the hospital did not have any record of the patient, her alleged admission or a proposed operation to remove her uterus due to cancer.

"Based on the bill copies and letterhead used by the scammers, we can confirm that they are all fake documents.

"Those bills and reports have been forged and fabricated to mislead donors and gain sympathy from the public," he said.

Dr Govindraj said such actions should not be condoned or taken lightly.

"Since our hospital name has been used by the person without our knowledge, we will be making a police report here on the matter. This is fraud and totally unacceptable," he said, adding that the credibility and good name of the hospital may be affected as a result of the fraud.

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