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More reports lodged against scammer family

KUALA LUMPUR: More reports have been lodged against a family that allegedly duped the public into donating hundreds of thousands ringgit for their daughter, who they claimed was suffering from cancer in India.

A woman, 60, and her son, 28, had solicited donations by claiming that they needed RM300,000 for a uterus cancer operation.

Malaysians donated RM308,000 within 24 hours after the woman's story was posted on Tik Tok by an influencer on March 21.

However, several videos suggesting that the donation drive was likely a scam later emerged.

State police chief Datuk Hussein Omar said the suspect had not been arrested and was being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code.

One of the donors, who only wished to be known as Selva, 40, said such scammers should be taught a lesson.

"Although it wasn't much, the RM50 that I donated is still money that I gave with the intention of saving a life. For some people, RM50 isn't much. But when 1,000 people donate the same amount, it would amount to RM50,000.

"I feel this kind of opportunistic people should be taught a lesson."

Selva said the woman had used people's generosity for personal gain.

"How can anyone go to such an extend to cheat? Her daughter, who allegedly suffers from uterus cancer in India, should be questioned by the police as well."

At least three reports against the family had been lodged in Ampang, as well as seven in Sentul.

Another donor, S. Pathman from Shah Alam, said the family might have been running the scam for some time before getting caught.

"The woman seems to have been pulling the same stunt since years ago.

"Based on some of the old videos that emerged, it is clear that she has been doing this some for some time now.

"In one of the videos, the woman admitted to withdrawing RM100,000 and using an illegal remittance service to transfer the funds. It suggests that she may have had prior experience with such services."

Pathman said he had contributed RM500 to the bank account displayed in the Tik Tok video.

"This woman's action are making people like myself think twice before helping others ."

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