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MBPJ dog catcher did not hit senior citizen intentionally

KUALA LUMPUR: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) personnel who struck a senior citizen on March 22 was not charged as the incident was unintentional.

MBPJ in a statement today said the incident occurred between its officer and a 69-year-old senior citizen Patrick Khoo Kian Wui attempting to stop the dog catcher.

Two days later, Khoo filed a police report claiming that the dog catcher had hurt him. The incident had been captured on camera and was widely circulated online.

Prosecutors, however, charged Khoo instead on March 31 with obstructing a civil servant from performing their duties.

No charges were filed against the MBPJ personnel because the dog-catching tool accidentally struck the complainant during a struggle, says MBPJ.

MBPJ added that an internal investigation into the matter had resulted in recommendations by the investigation committee to improve procedures on dog-catching operations.

"This also includes ways to identify the level of risk in the operation to determine the methods that will be implemented.

"Low-risk operations will require the use of body cameras by staff involved. Images during the operation will be taken by senior staff. High-risk operations will be carried out together with the police.

"To ensure transparency during the dog-catching process, MBPJ will invite NGOs and resident associations to join its operations."

MBPJ said it had conducted 12 dog-catching operations in Taman Kanagapuram since February following public complaints with 39 stray dogs being caught.

They also warned of the dangers that wild dogs could bring to children in addition to public nuisance and hygiene problems.

"This issue cannot be shrugged off and is necessary to address it immediately, especially by local authorities.

"Besides wild cats, bats, and monkeys, wild dogs are the main carrier of rabies."

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