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Employer to be charged for alleged abuse and rape of Indonesian helper

KUALA LUMPUR: The employer who allegedly abused and raped an Indonesian helper in Kepong will be charged in the Kuala Lumpur Courts tomorrow.

Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan, who is also the Sexual, Women, and Child Investigations Division (D11) chief assistant director of Bukit Aman, stated that the police have completed their investigation papers and have received instructions to charge the suspect tomorrow.

Yesterday, it was reported by Harian Metro that the Indonesian domestic worker was seen standing at the gate of a condominium unit in Kepong, revealing her ordeal as she claimed to be a victim of assault and rape by her employer.

She was observing workers from a logistics company moving items into her neighbour's house before mustering the courage to seek help from one of the workers to rescue her by contacting the authorities.

Recounting the incident, a deliveryman involved, who wishes to be known as Hafis (not his real name), 33, said he was in the process of moving the belongings of the new residents into the condominium unit at that time.

He mentioned that he noticed the woman standing in front of her house, watching them move the items.

"Shortly after that, the woman called me and pleaded with me to save her by asking me to contact the police.

"She told me that her employer had beaten her with an iron rod and had also taken advantage of her," he said.

Hafis said that the woman also showed signs of bruises on her body from being beaten by her employer.

"Sympathising with her situation, I then contacted the police and left my phone number for her. The police later asked me to come to the station to make a report," he said.

Following the police report made by the man, the police officers receiving the information then raided the house in question and rescued the victim.

According to sources, the victim is believed to have been raped by her employer around August, and she is currently undergoing further examination.

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