Man climbing Dabai tree electrocuted

KANOWIT: A man died after being electrocuted while climbing a 10-metre high Dabai fruit tree on Jalan Lukut-Penyulau, Friday afternoon.

The 4pm incident occurred when the victim, Ting Siew Kiong, 52, was climbing the fruit tree with an aluminium pole to pluck the Dabai fruits.

"As soon as he reached the top of the tree, the victim began plucking the Dabai fruit by using an aluminium pole when it came into contact with a live electric cable near the tree and was electrocuted," said Kanowit Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) Chief, Arrahman Chik.

He said firemen from the Kanowit BBP was immediately dispatched to the scene after receiving an emergency call and on arrival, found the victim high up on the Dabai tree branch.

To aid in the retrieving of the victim, Arrahman said they requested the help of Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) to cut off the electricity in the area for safety purpose.

To further facilitate the removal of the victim's body, the fire brigade used SEB's Sky Lift Crane Cage and took them two hours to retrieve the victim's body.

"As soon as he was successfully brought down, the medical team that was also at the scene examined the victim and confirmed that he had died," he said.

The body was handed over to the police for further action.

Kanowit District Police Chief, DSP Tega Bilong confirmed that he received a report regarding the incident, and the case has been classified as sudden death.

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