Lam Thye: Malaysia should focus on climate change under SDG adoption

KUALA LUMPUR: The Alliance for Safe Community has called for efficient and committed implementation of action plans with the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the country.

Its chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye highlighted the need for the government to have a proper action plan especially in two of the 17 SDGs.

The two SDGs are - SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities; and SDG 13: Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

"It is a continuing concern that heavy rain will worsen the severity by man-made disasters stemming from unsustainable logging and massive development on hill slopes, and encroachment into other environmentally and socially sensitive areas.

"Climate change impacts people's livelihoods, particularly the marginalised groups; it affects the poorest people often living in areas that are highly exposed to climate change impacts such as floods and extreme heat.

"We support the global and local actions with efforts to integrate disaster risk measures, sustainable natural resource management, and human security into national development and adaptation strategies," he said in a statement today.

He said that there should be communication on how climate change will affect the people , the places they live and other values related to their quality of life.

He said that the communities would want to know what measures they can take to adapt and cope with the impacts of climate change.

He also said that the government must come up with resilient measures to adapt to sudden climate shocks and slow-onset climate changes such as sea level rises.

"They must also support sustainable economies and commit to avoid unsustainable encroachment into environmentally and socially sensitive areas while also supporting 'Green and Resilient Cities' as highlighted in the 12th Malaysia Plan.

"The government must also look at de-carbonising operations and supply chains of all sectors especially all emissions-producing industries (and the transport sector) and continuously improving energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint of products, services and processes.

"This also includes shifts from reliance on fossil fuels, to renewable energies," he said.

Lee said that the country must demonstrate climate leadership and empower communities and community-based organisations in achieving sustainable development and resiliency through pilot projects, showcases, and other evidence-based innovations for climate change adaptation.

He said that Malaysia must be prepared for immediate and shorter-term plans.

He said that it is also important to enhance the role of local governance and community-based organisations in carrying out actions plans to fruition.

"We support Malaysia's pledge for a comprehensive implementation of SDGs, the mobilisation of resources, including manpower, capacity building, and physical spaces as well as funding and aligning the implementation of SDGs in Malaysia with the five-year national development plan," he added.

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