Minister announces latest protocols for Covid-19 tests for travellers to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Travellers aged 18 and above who are fully vaccinated will no longer need to do the pre-departure Covid-19 test starting today (May 1).

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said another category of inbound travellers who no longer need to take the Covid-19 test are those aged 17 and below regardless of their vaccination status.

Travellers who have a history of Covid-19 infection and had recovered between six to 60 days prior to their departure to Malaysia, regardless of their vaccination status, will also be exempted from pre-departure testing.

"These groups of travellers need not have to undergo quarantine," he added.

However, Khairy said adult travellers who were not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated would still need to undergo pre-departure test and quarantine after arrival.

"For this group of people, they need to do either an RT-PCR test or professional RTK-Antigen test two days prior to their departure.

"They will need to do another professional RTK-Antigen test within 24-hours after arrival at a private clinic that is registered under the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), it can be done either physically or virtually," he said.

He further explained that if the result comes back negative, this group of travellers need to quarantine at their accommodation or residences for five days.

"They will then need to do an RT-PCR on day-4 or a professional RTK-Antigen test on day-5. They will be released from quarantine if the result is negative.

"If they tested positive, they will need to adhere to the existing procedures for positive cases."

Khairy added that the same rules applied to Malaysians and non-citizens.

He said travellers who are detected with symptoms at the international entry points would be instructed to undergo RTK-Antigen tests with the supervision of medical practitioners.

He said all travellers still need to show the traveller's card on the MySejatera application upon arrival.

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