Netizens seek identity of 'mystery biker' who gave USM grad a ride to convo

GEORGE TOWN: Who is the 'mysterious' motorcyclist who saved the day for Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) graduate R. Kevin by giving the latter a ride to his convocation ceremony today?

This was the question posed by netizens, who are attempting to uncover the identity of the Good Samaritan.

USM, via its Facebook page, had posted how Kevin, 28, was in danger of missing out on his convocation ceremony after his family vehicle became stuck on the Penang Bridge following a massive jam this morning.

However, a passing motorcyclist offered Kevin a ride, and he made it in time for the event.

The post garnered more than 3,200 likes in just two hours, with over 130 comments and over 220 shares.

One commenter, Alyaa Ahmad Jais, asked if anybody on the bridge could determine the identity of the kind-hearted biker.

"Please make this go viral. We should reward people for their good deeds," she said.

Lourdes Benjamin, who congratulated Kevin and all his accomplishments, wrote: "Hats off to the motorcyclist who helped you achieve your goal. God bless his good deed. He is an angel in disguise," he added.

Meanwhile, MiszRien Fazreen congratulated both Kevin and the motorcyclist.

"Congratulations to both of you. One for graduating and the other for being the hero of the day. And of course, special thanks to USM for being concerned and for leading by example," she said.

Earlier this morning, a photo of Kevin, smartly-dressed in a suit and clutching his graduation robe while sticking out his thumb to hitch a ride, went viral on social media.

Kevin, who made it in time for the ceremony, later said that both his parents Rayappan, 62 and Mary, 48 who continued driving in the jam, also managed to arrive at the university in time to see him receive his scroll.

Kevin received a Master of Business Administration.

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