Najib, Sungai Buloh trending on Twitter

KUALA LUMPUR: It wasn't long after the Federal Court rejected Datuk Seri Najib Razak's bid to adduce fresh evidence today that the former prime minister started to trend on Twitter.

Over 20,000 tweets were sent out today with the keywords "Najib" and "Sungai Buloh" topping the trending list on Twitter up until 8pm.

Earlier today, a five-member panel of the apex court chaired by Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat dismissed Najib's application to adduce additional evidence linked to the RM42 million SRC International corruption case.

The judges had also unanimously rejected Najib's bid to seek an adjournment of the main SRC International appeal hearing for several months.

Tengku Maimun ruled that the parties were aware of the hearing dates set from Aug 15 to 26 and should have taken all efforts to be prepared.

Not long after the news broke, Malaysians started posting quips and gags on Twitter, with most of them "inviting" Najib to the Sungai Buloh prison.

After reading the news on the Federal Court turning down Najib's request, Twitter user @jasonyew posted a photo of Najib pointing his finger to the Sungai Buloh Prison's entrance with the caption "Welcome to Sg Buloh".

Another user @_PoorScouserTom said: "Justice is a long road… Sg Buloh is the road".

Meanwhile @maunique67, on the other hand, assured Najib that he need not worry if he found himself in jail as he would be well taken cared of since there would be no shortage of food and water there.

In response to Najib's remark that he was disappointed with the Federal Court's decision today, Twitter user @TokeLangsat said the public was not disappointed at all.

"In fact, we are happy! The sooner he is sent to Sungai Buloh, the happier Malaysia will be as a nation," @TokeLangsat wrote.

Twitter user @mfarqhan believed that the Sungai Buloh prison would turn into an iconic place if Najib became its latest occupant.

User @rahah_ghazali, in her tweet, prayed that Najib's journey to the Sungai Buloh prison would be smooth.

"Let us all pray to Allah to allow a safe and easy journey for Najib to Sungai Buloh... prison."

Bayan Baru member of parliament Sim Tze Tzin also joined in and told Najib to stop his tactics to delay the court proceeding.

"Stop all these futile delay tactics. The train to Sg Buloh is approaching (its) destination. Justice delayed is justice denied."

Twitter user @AnonIsAmuse jokingly said the people in Sungai Buloh have been waiting for Najib's arrival.

"The Sungai Buloh Hotel is waiting for you to check-in. It was said you'll arrive at 3pm, but it is now 3am, and you still haven't arrived."

User @akipyan wrot "Alaa, nowadays you can just use Waze (navigation application) to Sungai Buloh. Simple-pimple, you can arrive quickly. Hehe."

Twitter user @khasyafulhadi_ was hopeful that Najib would be sent to prison, saying it would be the best Merdeka present for Malaysians.

"Najib going to Sungai Buloh (prison would be) the best moment for Malaysians. Hopefully, the prayers of all Malaysians for him (Najib to be found guilty) will be accepted (by God). This (would be) the best Merdeka gift for Malaysia this year."

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