Rising number of unlicensed beauty treatment hubs in Kelantan, says surgeon [NSTTV]

TUMPAT: Unlicensed beauty salons and clinics that offered aesthetic surgery have proliferated in Kelantan recently.

They are mostly in towns, and offer procedures, particularly for women, ranging from vitamin C injections to filler injections.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Siti Fatimah Noor Mat Johar said there had been many cases of people sufferring complications after undergoing procedures at these unlicensed centres and had to seek treatment at hospitals.

"We found that patients suffered complications and side effects after undergoing procedures at these unlicensed beauty salons, spas and clinics where the doctors or the surgeons were not qualified to perform the procedures.

"Some claimed they underwent training in Thailand and South Korea to attract customers.

"Local authorities only knew about their existence when customers lodged reports, especially after they suffered from chronic complications."

Dr Siti Fatimah, who is a committee member of the Malaysian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, said she believed there was a high demand for these unlicensed centres as they offered cheaper rates.

"Apart from that, these unlicensed practitioners are mobile, and also ply their trade in hotels and clients' homes," she said.

She said more enforcement was needed to weed out unlicensed beauty centres.

"Stiffer action needs to be taken against unregistered practitioners to prevent untoward incidents on the people," she said.

She said the public must not be swayed by low prices or attractive offers without doing their research.

"The public should know that invasive procedures like vitamin C injections must be performed not only by a doctor but a qualified surgeon.

"If they suffered from side effects or other complications from the surgery, they must also inform the health authorities," she said.

Dr Siti Fatimah was speaking after attending a campaign on the safe use of cosmetics jointly organised by USM and local cosmetic company in Pasir Pekan today.

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