Public urged to stay calm over mud volcano eruption at Tabin Wildlife Park

Lahad Datu: The public need not panic over the mud volcano eruption phenomenon that occurred at the Tabin Wildlife Park here yesterday.

Lahad Datu district officer Firuz Idzualdeen Mohd Dzul said the phenomenon was not dangerous.

"We ask all residents not to be alarmed by the incident because it does not pose any danger.

"I also understand that such an incident has happened before and a Sabah geologist has explained that it is a normal occurrence," he said today.

Meanwhile, Tabin Wildlife Reserve spokesman Lawrence Chin said the mud volcano eruption was not the first incident as it had occurred in 2014.

He said the mud eruption was witnessed by eight people, including tourists and tour guides, before it went viral on social media.

"At the time of the incident, the group was on their way to observe birds and enjoy the panorama around the area.

"The phenomenon in Lipad Mud Volcano covered an area almost the size of a football field and could be seen by tourists when they were in a higher area," he said.

According to him, the phenomenon occurred for about 10 minutes, including a strong eruption that only produced bubbles.

"The released mud was not hot and the tourists took away some of the mud," he said.

Last night, a 10-second video showing a volcanic eruption spewing mud in the area went viral on social media.

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