RM1 roti canai selling like hot cakes as GE15 draws closer

SLIM RIVER: As campaigning and ceramah go up a notch with the 15th General Election (GE15) just days away, a local roti canai seller has seen demand for one of Malaysia's favourite foods go up as well.

During the current campaigning period, Zamri Dam, 66, has seen an increase in demand for his roti canai as he now sells more than 130 pieces daily.

He said the atmosphere this time around is different compared to previous general elections, as campaigning is more intense, though he attributes this to the fact that there are more candidates standing for election.

He also revealed that the hot topics of discussion among the regulars and patrons at his stall are unsurprisingly about the upcoming GE15, and the candidates who are vying for the parliamentary seat here.

"Perhaps the price of RM1 for one roti canai is why so many people come over to the shop to eat. My concept of doing business is simple, sell at a price that is affordable for everyone to be able to enjoy roti canai," he said.

Before this Zamri worked as a school operations assistant and he started his own food and beverage (F&B) business helped by his wife, Siti Norayah Nordin, after he retired about eight years ago.

Apart from roti canai, he also sells roti sarang burung, roti telur, roti bawang, and nasi lemak for breakfast.

Zamri, who was born and bred in Kampung Balun, said he learnt the correct technique to make roti canai from friends before he began his own F&B business.

"Even though the price of the roti canai here is quite cheap, in terms of taste it is just as good or slightly better than other roti canai sold at any other stall or restaurant," he said.

He added that demand for roti canai always goes up especially on weekends when he ends up making more than 170 roti canai a day.

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