Sports minister demands accountability from NSAs on funding

KUALA LUMPUR: New Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh does not want to comment on the funds missing from Malaysia Rugby (MR) until she has received a detailed report.

Hannah, however, made it clear that she demands accountability when funding is given to national sports associations (NSAs).

"I don't want to comment about the association (MR). I want to take a look at the report and the details first," she said today.

"But since I became a 'wakil rakyat' (member of parliament), I have always believed there has to be accountability when it comes to the allocations given to us.

"For example, the allocations channelled to me as a member of parliament have been displayed online, where you can see which association has received them. "This is so that everyone knows where the budget went and what it has been spent on.

"I will be briefed, and if there is a need, we may make such information available (in sports) so that there is transparency," said Hannah.

MR was shocked to discover that a substantial amount of money had been siphoned off their bank account by an administration staff member, who had forged the signatures of the president and the treasurer.

Several sources claimed that the losses exceeded RM1 million. The national body has lodged a police report.

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