Don't build non-Muslim places of worship near mosques, PN's Ahmad Yunus suggests [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Langat member of parliament Ahmad Yunus Hairi is asking the government to avoid building non-Muslim houses of worship in the same vicinity as mosques.

The PN-Kuala Langat man said this while debating the supply bill today citing an example of a Hindu temple in Canary Garden, Klang, which is situated near a Malay settlement that was protested by those staying in the settlement, recently.

"I suggest that houses of worship should be in different areas or at a distance from a Muslim house of worship, to respect one another and avoid religious sensitivities," he said.

He said people want to live in a harmonious environment but when there is a situation where these houses of worship are all in the same lots, there will be noises from loudspeakers that could disrupt the peace of those staying in an area.

"I don't deny that the temple is there to cater to the needs of the Hindu community in Kampung Air Hitam, but it is quite far (from where they live). Recently, there was a groundbreaking ceremony there which caused anxiety among the Muslim community," he said referring to the canary garden situation.

He too hoped that in the Canary Garden case, the minister would step in and resolve the issue amicably.

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