Search for Hawari on Everest resumes with drones

PUTRAJAYA: The authorities in Nepal have given the go-ahead to continue the search for Malaysia Everest 2023 (ME2023) climber Muhammad Hawari Hashim, 33.

The head of the ME2023 mission, who is also president of the Malaysia Altitude Exploration Club, said the Nepalese authorities had halted expeditions to the peak of Mount Everest from today.

"However, with the help of the Malaysian embassy in Nepal we have been given five days to continue with the search for Muhammad Hawari, who is also a person with disability," said Azim Afif Ishak.

He added that searchers would use two drones, as well as a mountain guide at Camp Two.

Azim said the search would begin tomorrow. But it would also depend on Customs' clearance for one drone that was sent from Malaysia on Saturday.

"If we are able to get clearance, we will depart from Kathmandu to Camp Two by helicopter to continue with the search."

Hawari was reported missing after leaving Camp Four on May 19.

A day earlier, he had reached the peak of Everest about 3.30pm local time.

"The five-day mission also depends on the weather. If we face adverse weather conditions, maybe we will have to make a decision on whether to continue or to end the mission," Azim said.

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